The Process

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Landscaping Curbs

Element Curbing Step by Step Installation Process

Ground Preparation:  We start all projects by outlining the design of the curb with the  customer. Once the design is finalized, a bed edger (a trench digging machine) and  shovels are used to prepare the ground. We take every precaution to not damage your  landscaping. Our equipment is designed to protect your lawn and its surroundings.

Mixing: The concrete is mixed on-site with a specialized trailer. Our concrete contains all  the necessary ingredients to ensure long term durability of your curbs.

Extrusion: The concrete mix is wheeled to the site using wheelbarrows. It is then fed into  the curbing machine and extruded into a continuous concrete border. We then  meticulously trowel to achieve a beautiful finish. Different curb molds attached to the  machine produce the patterns of curb that the customer desires. The machine handles  straight lines, curves and circles.

Stamping: At the customers demand, stamp impressions and textures can be added. This finishing touch is accomplished with hand tools.

Protection: As an added precaution to ground movement and cold weather, an  expansion joint is made every 2 to 3 feet of the curb to help prevent cracking from ground  settling. If the curb was ever to crack, the control joint will allow it to crack in a controlled  manner. Please note however that we experience very little cracking. Should the curb  crack outside of the control joint within the first year of installation, Element Curbing Design will  happily fix it at its cost. Other type of precautions, include the use of fiber mesh and other  additives to minimize shrinkage, which could lead to cracking. In addition, a galvanized  steel cable may also be added to the curb for additional strength. Finally, we may spray a  UV sealer to add strength, preserve the colour and protect your curb from the sun.

Clean-up: We offer beautiful curbing while minimizing the impact to your landscaping. We  do not require the wood forms, cement trucks, and messy mixing processes of  conventional concrete jobs. As such, very little clean-up is required once the job is  completed. Nerveless, we guaranty that your property will be in the same condition as it  was before we started the project.