The Element Curbing Company—Providing Exceptional Concrete Border and Curbing Services for 25 Years


We don’t call ourselves Element Company for nothing. This element is what keeps our customers from the Greater Edmonton Area including St. Albert, Leduc, Beaumont, and Sherwood Park, loyal. This element is what drives our goal to providing excellent concrete border and curbing services ever since we started this business. This element is none other than—passion.

Professional Services for Edmonton, St. Albert, Leduc, Beaumont, and Sherwood Park Clients

It takes expertise to provide customers with top quality residential, commercial, and industrial concrete border and curbing services, and it is Edmonton’s premier curbing company, Element Curbing, which can deliver such demand. Our team of highly skilled professionals are efficient and capable of providing you the innovative and classic designs for the concrete curbing of your residences, your offices, your private road, etc. Allow us to provide you our excellent service as we make sure to leave a mark of quality in our every project.

It’s Practical and Cost-Efficient!

For a lot of residents living in the Greater Area of Edmonton which includes Leduc, St. Albert, Beaumont, and Sherwood Park, they think that installing the concrete border and curb is much more practical than hiring a professional company to do it for them. At first, this could be true, after all, you would be saving the costs of hiring a curbing company. It will also serve you instant gratification after seeing your curb finally done. But give it a few more years, even months, that’s when the real practicality of the situation kicks in. You see your border now out of place, disoriented, and messy.

It takes a lot of preparation, skill, and expertise in handling concrete curbing. From the ground preparation to the protection of the concrete curbing to make sure they are stable, all steps should be attended with much focus and detail. So if you take a look at the whole picture, hiring a professional company could be the more practical choice just so that you are sure that your concrete curbing will last longer, will remain stable, and will continue to be stylish throughout the years.